Tips for Selling your Boat

//Tips for Selling your Boat
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  • A clean and tidy boat always earns a higher selling price, so invest some time and elbow grease. Scrub the entire boat and deck with mild detergent and a soft brush.
  • If the fibreglass finish doesn’t gleam, invest in having it buffed and polished.
  • If your varnish is tired, at least one coat will restore the shine.
  • Clean the bilge, because a musty and damp smelling boat suggests rot and decay.
  • Get rid of the crumbs in the galley – it should be spotless, and be sure that the refrigerator/icebox sparkles.
  • If you can remove the carpet, shampoo it. Do the same for curtains and upholstery.
  • Scrub the covers and Bimini top and, if the side curtains are hazy, take them off.
  • Clean the head and shower thoroughly, and add a double dose of chemicals to the holding tank. No one wants a smelly head.
  • Repair any inoperative equipment that can turn off a buyer.
  • Don’t forget the engine. If it’s oily, have it steam cleaned. Change the oil because dirty oil suggests poor maintenance, and touch up any corrosion spots on the engine or drives.
  • Charge the batteries so the engine starts immediately and the lights shine brightly.
  • Get rid of additions that don’t increase the value, such as racks and cabinets, especially if they don’t look professional.
  • Remove the gear that you aren’t selling with it and don’t forget to empty the galley drawers of all that junk! Remove all evidence of ‘yourself’ –it’s easier for the buyer to ‘mentally move in’.
  • If you are leaving personal items on board that you want to keep, make sure the buyer is aware of them..


Ionian Yacht Sales. …great sales team-very thorough-absolutely nothing was too much trouble Very quick to answer all correspondence and queries I highly recommend IYS Many thanks
Mark , (Buyer-UK)
I can honestly say that I was very impressed with tenacity, hard work and resourcefulness of David at IYS in getting the sale of my boat over the line. I would strongly recommend IYS to any prospective vendor, they will certainly go the extra (nautical) mile in getting your boat sold……