/Sell privately, list with many Brokers, or sell exclusively through one brokerage?

Sell privately, list with many Brokers, or sell exclusively through one brokerage?

Selling Privately
Selling privately means that you will not be paying any brokerage fees however buyers expect to get a bargain through a private sale so inevitably you will not be offered as much. You will have to make time to allow for, what could be, many inspections until the right buyer comes along. It is difficult for the inexperienced to qualify serious buyers and inevitably will show the boat to many time wasters.
We find that direct negotiations between owners and buyers can be very awkward as owners are too attached to their boat to negotiate with a clear head. This is a business transaction and emotions should not play a part. You are also isolated from the security of having proper contractual arrangements and transfers made on your behalf by a broker.

Multi Listings:
The perception is that the more brokers you have the boat listed with the more buyers you attract, this is not the case. In reality, serious buyers will search the internet and be attracted to the best presented and most informative listings. There is unfortunately an aura of desperation if the same boat appears multiple times under numerous brokers sites. Also, think about what a buyer sees as he arrives to view your boat and sees a couple of broker “Sale boards” and perhaps an owner for sale board with owner contact numbers. It looks like the boat has been on the market a while also why not call the owner directly with a low offer and see what happens.
In addition, most reputable brokers will have an added commitment to exclusive listings. Statistically, multi listed boats sell slower than exclusively listed boats. This is down to the fact that as a sole listing, Brokers will invest more time and money into getting the job done.

Sole Listings:
Having an exclusive Broker means that you have your own Broker, we work for you and we are directly responsible to you for the boat. Only one set of keys in the market means greater security and no arguments if hatches are left open etc. As an exclusive Broker we will be very aware of our sole responsibility to keep the boat in a proper state for inspections and ensure it is left that way afterwards. We can concentrate on getting a good price knowing that our hard work will get rewarded.
Statistically we sell more sole listings than multi listings; this is due in part to the increased advertising and effort put in by the team knowing that the effort is secured.