What can I do to help sell my yacht?

/What can I do to help sell my yacht?

What can I do to help sell my yacht?

The best possible way you can help in the selling process is to have the boat available for inspections in as clean and tidy condition as possible. We cannot emphasise this enough, a clean, polished well maintained vessel will always create more interest than one that appears neglected. First impressions are very important in selling your boat. We realise that, along with routine maintenance issues, keeping the boat clean and tidy (clutter free) does takes some effort, so we can arrange one off detailing or regular cleaning for you if required.

If you choose to do the cleaning yourself here are some tips:

Keep the boat clean, uncluttered and presentable at all times. Be careful not to just do a cosmetic job. Buyers have the habit of looking in nooks and crannies that you may not have seen since you bought the boat. If you are serious about selling the boat, have it looking its best, spend the time (or money) having it thoroughly cleaned from tip to toe and keep it that way while it s on the market. (We can recommend cleaners should you require)

Although not always of primary importance, a smelly boat will put buyers off straight away. Keep your toilet gleaming and condition so it is odour free. Should it smell this may indicate trouble hoses and or sewerage systems that will put buyers off. It is worth having the head working and functioning odour free to make a good impression.
The bilge:
The most forgotten area in most boats. Most knowledgeable buyers will look into the bilge as it says a lot about how the boat has been maintained. A clean dry bilge is ideal.Don’t forget to check keel bolts if you have them.

The Engine:
The second most forgotten area in most boats. A clean shiny well painted engine sings chapters of self expression for the boats maintenance. Oily greasy engines send alarm signals. Wipe everything down, even the smallest spaces, get out your old toothbrush and get the greasy dust out between all the hard to reach areas. It should be clean, smell clean and be gleaming.

Outboard Motors:
All motors will be tested and in the case of outboards they are no different. The general rule of thumb is, if it is built by one of the main manufacturers, less than say 15hp and well maintained they are generally bullet proof. It is however important that it runs smoothly so make sure you have fresh (less than 1 month old) fuel on board!

Make sure everything works, electric lights, any navigation equipment. Make sure the cooker is working and freshly polished. Tidy up all storage lockers even those rarely used ones and take off ALL items that are not needed on board the boat. Too much clutter creates a bad impression. Just as important as Clean is de-clutter. De-clutter everything, neatness and cleanliness sells.

Most boats used for cruising do not have perfect sails, its one of those basic facts. However a seller’s assessment of good condition and that of the buyer may vary wildly. A little known fact is that it costs very little to have a sail maker clean and repair sails and can also give an unbiased report on the whole sail wardrobe. We can arrange this for you through our partner Doyle Sails.

Listing equipment:
Do not list equipment on the specification sheet if it is in poor condition or does not work. If something is broken, repair it or take it off the boat.

We recognize that it is your boat and after all you still may want to go off into the big blue. Please do let us know in advance (if possible) if you are planning to take your boat out. After all we can t sell it if its not there.

Paperwork &Service Manuals:
Any information to back up the boat has been well maintained will help you sell her. If possible leave copies of any paperwork including service history with us to display to buyers.
Paperwork: We will discuss with you the history and require from you a full chain of title documents, previous bills of sales and current registration documents.

Trust us:
After all we are here to help you. Ask us what can you do that is not too expensive but will help you to help us sell the boat? We know what we are talking about and it is often easy for us to see small things that can make a big difference.